Live Holiday Displays

If your office needs Live Holiday Displays, we offer a range of pot sizes and flowers to customize for your needs.

As with our year-round displays, NPK can fully customize a display to fit your holiday decor needs with living plants and blooming winter flowers. Carefully designed to fit your office, and available with regular watering and maintenance, the NPK team will help select the perfect living holiday plants and provide care to keep them looking healthy throughout the season.  See the list of living plants available below.

Traditional Poinsettias

Pot Size
 Number of Flowers
1 Br. 3+ flowers
1 Br. 5+ flowers
2 Br. 9+ flowers
3 Br. 11+ flowers
4 Br. l4+ flowers
5 Br. 18+ flowers
Poinsettia Tree 4-5ft.

Includes a waterproof decorative white or black liner.

Poinsettia Combination Bowls

Desk Top Poinsettia Arrangement in Grapevine Basket 14"D

Deluxe Poinsettia Arrangement in Grapevine Basket 17"D

Poinsettia & Glacier Ivy in a decorative bowl 12"D